† = equal contribution
* = corresponding author

Pre-prints in review

  • Photoswitchable binders enable temporal dissection of endogenous protein function

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  • An orally bioavailable SARS-CoV-2 main protease inhibitor exhibits improved affinity and reduced sensitivity to mutations

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  • Kinase-modulated bioluminescent indicators enable noninvasive imaging of drug activity in the brain

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  • A red fluorescent protein with improved monomericity enables ratiometric voltage imaging with ASAP3

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  • Stable Transfection of the Singlet Oxygen Photosensitizing Protein SOPP3: Examining Aspects of Intracellular Behavior

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  • Photophysics of a protein-bound derivative of malachite green that sensitizes the production of singlet oxygen

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  • Rational design of a new class of protease inhibitors for the potential treatment of coronavirus diseases

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  • Light-initiated oxidative stress

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  • Rational Design of Genetically Encoded Singlet Oxygen Photosensitizing Proteins

    M. Westberg, M. Etzerodt, *P. R. Ogilby

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  • Single mutation in a novel bacterial LOV protein yields a singlet oxygen generator

    E. Consiglieri, Q. Xu, M. Bregnhøj, M. Westberg, P. R. Ogilby, *A. Losi

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  • Uric Acid: A Less-than-Perfect Probe for Singlet Oxygen

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  • Azadioxatriangulenium and Diazaoxatriangulenium: Quantum Yields and Fundamental Photophysical Properties

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  • Monitoring Interfacial Lipid Oxidation in Oil-in-Water Emulsions using Spatially-Resolved Optical Techniques

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  • Singlet-Oxygen-Mediated Cell Death using Spatially-Localized Two-Photon Excitation of an Extracellular Sensitizer

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